Comfort & Quality Care

At Yakima Orthodontic, we provide quality care and individualized attention.

Your first visit is an important opportunity for us to get better acquainted and answer any questions you may have regarding your orthodontic treatment. We pride ourselves in taking the necessary time to explain procedures each step of the way so that you better understand the treatment.

At your first visit, we will give you a thorough examination that is comfortable and painless. We will make a recommendation based on your specific needs. If treatment is indicated, diagnostic records, including photographs, orthodontic x-rays and study models will be taken at your convenience.


If treatment is not recommended upon initial exam there may be a period of supervision. During this time appointments are made to monitor the patient’s development and eruption of teeth. No charges are assessed for these recall visits.


After the diagnostic records have been examined, Dr. Parker will review his findings with you before starting treatment. Specifics to your treatment will be discussed as well as appliance care and maintenance.


For your convenience, we are flexible on our payment plans and accept payment from insurance companies. It is helpful to review your insurance coverage, as orthodontic treatment is generally offered apart from normal dental coverage and usually has a coverage limit. Our staff members are willing to assist you and your family whenever possible to choose the best plan for you.


Successful orthodontics requires a series of appointments throughout treatment. We will work with you to schedule appointments around your work or school schedule as much as possible.

We welcome your questions at any time and look forward to working with you and your family. We hope this information makes you feel confident in your choice with our office and in your recommendations to your friends and family.

orthodontist patient forms

To streamline your first appointment, complete and print the following forms before arriving:

Patient Registration - Under 18 PDF Patient Registration form - Under 18

Patient Registration - Adult PDF Patient Registration form - Adult (over 18)